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Senior, History, minoring in Anthropology, University of Houston. Charter President, Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, (Webb UH Main 2014-2015) University of Houston. Additional credentials can be found in the CV / Services tab.

A Query into the Questionable Tale Regarding the Attempted Rescue by Capt. Humphrey Hughes (1775-1858) of Napoleon Bonaparte Imprisoned on the Isle of St. Helena

There has been no shortage over the years of tales of daring-do regarding the various rescue attempts of former Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, from his prison exile on the Isle of St. Helena.[i] Among those anecdotes recently found, is one involving … Continue reading

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Coming soon to a website near you….

Website Project  Narratives in Black and White: Historical Profiles of Mixed Race Couples from the American Antebellum and Beyond. © 2018 Alex Colvin  

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Image of Charles Colvin Cabin found on 1997 Google Earth satellite image: an update

© 2017, Alex Colvin all rights reserved.   Last revised: July 4, 2017 This revision included new genealogical data regarding the relationship between the cabin’s last known occupant and the current land owner. Thanks to a research collaboration between James … Continue reading

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Pilgrim’s Rest and the Colvins. (revised)

In 1938, Susan Morton, a worker with the Virginia Historical Inventory, a preservation-minded program under  F.D. R.’s  Works Progress Administration,  visited Pilgrim’s Rest, because her agency was tasked with inventorying old properties throughout Virginia.[1] Being one of the oldest estates in the … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Refining the Historical Record of Catlett’s Station

Today,  the Village of Catlett is located on Route 28, roughly three miles from the Prince William County line, and some two and a half miles east of the Village of Calverton. In fact, it has so long been historically … Continue reading

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Southern Loyalties and the Ravages of War: The Petition of William Colvin Before The Southern Claims Commission, 1873.

Introduction:   The Southern Claims Commission (SCC) was established in Washington, D.C. during the Reconstruction era by an act of Congress on  March 3, 1871. The purpose of the 3-member panel was to review the claims submitted by Southern loyalists  (southerners … Continue reading

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Improved Legacy Image Annotations Provide Needed Context.

As promised in my previous post, I have annotated the legacy image of the Colvin-Douglas family gathering ca. 1891 with more specific and better organized annotations which will help researchers identify the subjects. One thing this image makes clear: the … Continue reading

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