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Senior, History, minoring in Anthropology, University of Houston. Charter President, Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, (Webb UH Main 2014-2015) University of Houston. Additional publishing credits can be found at the link:

Not Their Father: A Response to the Errant Descendants Ascribed to Mason Colvin b. ca. 1684.

In 1923, John Fewell Reynolds, using a local printer in his hometown of Wentworth, North Carolina, published a slim volume of data about, presumably, his ancestors. He had very little luck in finding most of them and he thought he … Continue reading

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Neither Heirs nor Marriage Record: The Mysterious Wedlock of Georgia E. Colvin and Robert Franklin McNemer.

While looking for some data on another ancestor, I found myself diverted to the birth and death dates of another heir of George Hammett Colvin (1860-1928) who was, himself, a fourth-generation descendant of Benjamin Colvin, the Revolutionary soldier who, once … Continue reading

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From Your Humble Family Historian. “My Thanksgiving Gratitude Declaration” 2016.

I’m grateful as a Colvin for our diversity as a family line which stretches back before our nation’s founding. I’m grateful that we cannot claim a right to bigotry or prejudiced, because within our veins runs the blood of the … Continue reading

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Yet Too Few Clues: The Alleged Civil War Death of James M. Colvin

James M. Colvin (1838-1863) was the son of Madison Colvin mentioned in a previous post, who allegedly died in the Civil War. Unfortunately, little of his war record survives, and of the few scraps there are in the form of late-19th … Continue reading

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Madison Colvin (1799-1846): Five Sons, But Only One With Male Heirs.

Madison Colvin belongs to the Culpeper County, Virginia branch of this study. There are several branches: The Ohio branch, the Fauquier County, Virginia branch, and the Kentucky branch. There’s also a Texas and Florida branch. The oldest, however, is the … Continue reading

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Three Lives Lost With Too Few Clues: The Strange Demise of Branson Colvin and Family

In 1871, in Guernsey County, Ohio, an unnamed tragedy struck the Branson Colvin household, wiping out its head, Branson Colvin (1802-1871), his wife, Mary Sarah (nee Alloway )(1799-1871) and their first born daughter, Sarah Ann Colvin (1825-1871) – all within … Continue reading

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Image of Charles Colvin Cabin Found on 1997 Google Earth Satellite Image.

Thanks to a research collaboration between James Carr, longtime Pendleton County, Kentucky resident, and The Colvin Study, the image of Charles Colvin’s cabin built in the late 1790s has been positively identified in older satellite images of land in Pendleton … Continue reading

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