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Help is available for your genealogical research project. Please inquire about rates using acolvin.geo@gmail(dot)com.  

Alex Colvin is a senior at the University of Houston where he’s completing his  BA in History with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. His previous academic work has been published in the annual volume of the Journal of the American Revolution, (JAR, 2017) as well as Houston History Magazine, (2016).  His Historiographic studies resulted in his senior-level essay, “Miscegenation in America from the Antebellum to 2014: Toward A Historiographic Overview”, which informed and inspired the creation of his website,  Narratives in Black and White, which explores mixed-race marriages in the southern antebellum.


EDUCATION:        University of Houston, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in History   GPA: 3.0                                                             Fall    2020


History: Ancient Civilization, Middle East, Civil War and Reconstruction, Jacksonian America, American Revolution and American Revolution Military History, Historiography, German and French History, Houston History, Chinese History since 1600.

Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology, Theory of Archeology, European Archeology, Anthropology of Religion, Cognitive Anthropology.


Volunteer transcriptionist, U.S. National Archives                     November, 2019-present

  • Provide written transcriptions of and annotations to historically important documents from the National Archives catalogue on an as-needed basis.
  • Employ and follow NA transcription guidelines.

Contract Judge, HUDL and UIL Tournaments Houston Independent School District    2016-2018

  • Solo and panel judge for language skill and academic contests grades 4-12
  • Exam proxying and grading of academic contests.

Blog owner: The Colvin Study Blog      2007-present 

  • Internet home of  The Colvin Study, a longitudinal genealogical study comprising empirical data on over 2,000 individuals linked to the same bloodline across a three-century period. (Colonial America – present)

Website owner: Narratives in Black and White 

  • A pioneering effort using primary sources to reconstruct the narratives of historically ignored mixed-race marriages in the U.S. from the Antebellum period to present day.

Journal and media essays:

  • “Miscegenation in America 1850-2014: Toward a Historiographic Overview”                  Senior research paper, Fall, 2018
  • “The Divine Covenant Expanded: Rev. Daniel Lawrence Hughes 1820-1902” Forthcoming   2021
  • “Religious Liberty and Its Virginia Roots”       JAR Annual Volume       March  2017
  • “Trump and Media Oppression”                               March  2017
  • “A Response to Steve Harper”                                  February 2017
  • “Clayton House: Profile of a Home”                Houston History Magazine                       Summer  2016
  • “Religious Liberty in Virginia,”                        Journal of American Revolution              October  2016
  • “What KTRK ABC-13 Gets Wrong,”                 Cougar Paw                       October  2016
  • “Watchdog Groups are the New Journalists” The Daily Cougar             January  2016
  • Oral History, Susan Clayton Garwood   Houston History Collaborative               Spring   2013 


Co-Organizer, “Project Safe Campus”  (UH Graduate School of Social Work)                           Fall  2016

  • arranged for keynote speaker, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
  • arranged for UH faculty speakers
  • distributed literature

Campaign Manager,  “Gun Free UH”                                                                                         Fall  2016 Awareness campaign involving the UH community protesting guns on campus

Charter President, Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society,  “Webb UH Main” Chapter                  Fall  2015