From Your Humble Family Historian. “My Thanksgiving Gratitude Declaration” 2016.

rainbow-treeI’m grateful as a Colvin for our diversity as a family line which stretches back before our nation’s founding.

I’m grateful that we cannot claim a right to bigotry or prejudiced, because within our veins runs the blood of the Revolutionary soldier both foreign and domestic, the European indenture, the African slave, his master, the poor farmer, the teacher, the tradesman, the merchant, the doctor, and the city-dweller.

A Colvin of our line can never claim to be a Confederate nor a Yankee for our ancestors fought and died on both sides of that awful war; we can only be for peace. I am grateful for that, too.

We can never be against the immigrant, for our Colvin forefathers’ journeys across open seas brought us to these shores long ago. They and their heirs settled in New England, the south, the northwest, the east and west coasts,  and all parts in between. We can only hope they find the freedom they seek and deserve.

We can never be against love — whatever form it takes, for our Colvins and their heirs have dared to marry those in society of different races and creeds across the generations – even when society banned such things and made them felonies. We are their kith and kin. Love will always transcend and defeat hate. Our ancestors and their descendants have shown us that. We have continued this tradition.

We can never be against women, for many a Colvin wife has kept her family intact when the husband died or left, and never was a Colvin child pawned off to the poor house or the orphanage. Never.

We can never be against the working poor; we have had our struggles, too, yet we have laughed in the face of adversity. We welcome it; it strengthens us. And we have been charitable when others would not. We have known homelessness, despair, and suffering. We carry on, regardless. It is a tradition, not a burden. I am grateful for this.

We can never be against any religion; our spiritual beliefs are many — of many creeds. Yes, we have those from Muslim countries such as Syria among us. We cannot vainly cling to monotheism. I am grateful for this, too.

We can never be the righteous “other” — arrogant and condescending of our fellow Americans. We are their kindred spirit. We are the multi-colored patches and threads sewn into the tapestry of our nation. We are the many-hued Tree of Life. We are the living legacy and living proof of the everlasting strength of America’s diversity. We are its soul and history and our stories are its stories. And for this I am grateful.

I hope you are, too.

Peace and love, as always,




About Alex Colvin

Senior, History, minoring in Anthropology, University of Houston. Charter President, Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, (Webb UH Main 2014-2015) University of Houston. Additional credentials can be found in the CV / Services tab.
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