Shout Out to Jim Carr!

vicinity of Charles Colvin land

This Google Earth image captures the vicinity (not the boundaries) of Charles Colvin’s land in Kentucky about a mile south of Falmouth. Image outline is based on an extensive review of period deeds.
Source: Pendleton County Kentucky Property Valuation website

I wanted to thank Mr. Carr in a way that’s meaningful,  Some time ago, I was on the hunt for the land purchased by Charles Colvin, Sr., and spent a bit of keyboard time in a previous post explaining how my efforts to find said land was hamstrung by poorly cited and confusing information. Apparently Jim spied my tale of woe on this blog, and took pity on me and sent me a detailed explanation complete with deed books and page numbers, not to mention instructions on where I could find said elusive land on the Pendleton County Kentucky Property Valuation  website (fortified, mind you, with GIS!) So, yes, now I have both a aerial view of where the land was located, and additional deeds which give me a much better sense of Charles’s land portfolio and the transactions thereto.  So, from all of us here at Colvin Study Central, thanks, Jim! In one email, you managed to save me long hours of work.


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