Fauquier-Area Historical Group Planning Visit to Antebellum Colvin Cemetary

Richard Colvin (1762-1825) headstone, Colvin Cemetery at Catlett. Image courtesy, Mel Colvin, living descendant.

The Southern Fauquier Historical Society has ranked the Colvin Cemetery, located in the township of Catlett in Fauquier County, Virginia, as 5th highest on its list of planned visits in coming months. The Cemetery known as the Colvin Cemetery is considered of historical value to the area, although it is no longer on land belonging to a Colvin heir. Nevertheless, Virginia law requires that heirs and permitted parties of those interred in a cemetery be granted access to the site. Arrangements are underway with area neighbors to grant access to the site, which contains numerous descendants of Charles Colvin. Several headstones remain extant, including a son of Charles, Richard Colvin,[Sr.], (1762-1825) (pictured) as well as his wife, Lydia George. Richard’s headstone appears to be one of the oldest surviving headstones, dating to 1826. His internment, however, is not the oldest; that distinction may belong to one William Colvin who is believed to have been interred at the site in 1808, although his headstone is no longer extant.
One of the better known “surveys” of the cemetery was conducted by a Nancy Baird in 2008 who, with colleagues walked and cataloged what they saw then published their findings via Heritage Press. Unfortunately, neglect has taken its toll and the cemetery is in much need of maintenance and care. It is hoped that the SFHS will “adopt” the cemetery for preservation purposes. Images of known extant headstones from the Cemetery are available from the author.

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