Images from Colvin Graveyard at Catlett Provide Key Data.


Recently received images from the Colvin Cemetery at Catlett is helping to provide new significant genealogical data concerning the early known descendants of Charles Colvin. The images, nearly thirteen thus far, were submitted to this researcher by Melvin H Colvin, Jr, owner of Teneriff who, along with his son,  visited the cemetery. This private site located beyond the bounds of Teneriffe on neighboring land, contains, among others, the headstones of Richard Colvin, Sr., wife Lydia Colvin, and several heirs. The images are currently in the Colvin Study database. 
Although several “walking” surveys have been conducted — most recently in 2004 — those published findings did not include images, and in a few cases the surveyors overlooked key headstones. A new, more complete tabulation has been compiled based on physical images as cross-referenced against known surveys and those names have then been checked against newly compiled data.



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