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Having posted a question on the VA-Hist Listserve regarding data from John Alcock’s abstract of Gilson Foot’s pp tax list of 1766 and its Charles Colvin entry as a tithable of “Waller, Wm.”, I received a reply from a CG who referenced Joan Peters’ The Tax man Commeth. My query concerned how John Alcock (Fauquier Families) had abstracted Foote’s entry which did not indicate clearly enough whether the 400 acreas and 3 slaves being taxed belonged to the tithable, Charles Colvin, or the landowner, Wm. waller.

In her reference to Peters’ book, CG, Barbra V. Little, cited that author’s transcribed Waller entry, positing that the entry indicated that Colvin was the overseer with 3 black slaves, which is consistant with period custom. I have orderd the Peters book to review the entry for myself.

This would go a long way toward more clearly understanding his role on the Waller plantation.


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