Richard Colvin estate.

I have often wondered how some of the former lands of Richard Colvin’s rather large estate would appear on modern property maps. Thanks to GIS mapping, this is a question I’ve been exploring with a few surprising answers. Since the Fauquier county government has seen fit to include a GIS interface in its contemporary property records online data base, I can use this interface and look at maps of current property lines. To my amazement, many of the property lines match up to many of the surveyor’s division lines when Cox divided the estate among Richard’s heirs in 1826. For example, the survey lines of the parcel devised to Richard Colvin’s son, Lawson Colvin, match quite neatly to the property lines of the plats in the Catlett area at 2523, 2575, and 2603, Tenerife Rd. An additional parcel, near but not directly on Teneriff but owned by the same folks as 2575 Tenerife Rd., completes the group.

Quite obviously there’s quite a bit of work to do to fill the gaps in explaining how the several parcels were devised and conveyed to account for why they are owned by whom they are today, but the available resources will no doubt aid this aspect of the project.


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